Mixed Use

The Seaport at Cordage
Plymouth, MA

Located on the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts, The Seaport at Cordage is a mixed-use development located at the former Cordage Rope Mill, which during the first half of the 20th century was one of the largest rope producers for the maritime industry in the country. The site includes many brick buildings that were constructed to store and fabricate rope, as well as a wharf and dredged channel for ships to deliver raw materials and load/ship product. The MBTA railroad ROW bisects the property, with the Plymouth MBTA train station located within the property at its terminus. While portions of the mill complex have been converted to office, retail, and private marina uses, much of the site lay unused and abandoned.

HEI principals and staff assisted the owner of the property, Cordage Development LLC, and the Town of Plymouth with site/infrastructure assessment and planning to facilitate the establishment of a Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District to redevelop the remaining portion of the property. The establishment of this district under M.G.L. Ch. 40R – Smarth Growth Zoning and Housing Production laws allows the development of a mixed-use transit oriented development. The Smart Growth Overlay District gives Cordage the opportunity to develop 675 residential units, 50,000 sf of retail, a marina, and additional office within the site. The project provides many public/private and environmental benefits by:

Implementing sustainable design measures by reusing buildings, site, and infrastructure adjacent to public transportation.
Creating affordable housing.
Developing public amenities such as a public park adjacent to Mill Pond and access to the waterfront where none exists today.
Improving stormwater discharges to boost overall water quality in Kingston’s Bay.
Provide a public destination with a variety of uses that can sustain one another, much like the Cordage Rope Mill community that thrived in this area many years before.

After assisting with the master planning effort, HEI was responsible for developing site design and permitting documents for Phase 1 which includes 150 residential units, 50,000sf of retail, construction of the central green, and realignment of the entry road and utility infrastructure to clear development zones.


Key Services Provided:

project master planning
site planning and engineering
extensive municipal coordination
comprehensive permitting (local, state (MEPA), federal (EPA)),
stormwater design
sewer collection system design
water distribution system design
value engineering
project management services