GT Advanced Technologies

Location: Multiple, NH, MS, ID, OR
Client: Ci Design
Market Sector: Science & Technology

Highpoint has been involved in projects ranging from utility upgrades and building renovations to campus expansion projects and due diligence efforts for purchasing new assets nationally. Specifically, in Merrimack NH, full services were provided to permit a building expansion project that required coordination with the local railroad operator and with municipal stakeholders to permit and expedite entitlements on a fast track basis. Highpoint team members also prepared design plans and entitled an improvement project in Missouri that required close coordination with local and county stakeholders for access to water, based on chiller requirements for intake and blowdown.

  • St. Louis, Missouri – 120 MW wafer manufacturing facility utilizing HiZc fabrication for the Czochralski Process, monocrystalline crystal growth
  • Merrimack, New Hampshire – best-in-class, PV crystal growth, HiZc, ASS, DSS 450 & DSS 650 research and development facility