Terrafugia Test Cell Facility

Location: Woburn, MA
Client: Terrafugia, Inc
Market Sector: Science & Technology

Highpoint was retained directly by Terrafugia to assist with the development of a new jet-engine test cell facility at Terrafugia’s east coast headquarters in Woburn, MA. A new, stand-alone accessory building was needed to house research and development activities for Terrafugia’s development of innovative concept vehicle prototypes. Highpoint worked closely with Terrafugia’s staff to provide land development and permitting services for a new, sound-proof, stand-alone testing structure. The new building was to be located adjacent to the Aberjona River, within jurisdictional areas of riverfront and floodplain. Highpoint worked with the Woburn Conservation Commission to permit the building in the riverfront, floodplain, and wetland buffer of the Aberjona River. The project required close coordination with MWRA and the Woburn DPW to protect existing, 100-year+, city-owned drainage infrastructure located on-site. Highpoint also provided support for special permit approval through the Woburn City Council.