Civil Engineering is a diversified business.   Although we are involved and need to manage other disciplines our firm specializes in Civil Site Engineering.  In many cases we are the first consultant to get involved with a project and assist our clients in understanding their risks and development potential for their real estate.  We offer many services which can be broken out into three main categories:

Land Planning – Land Planning is about the “Big Idea”.   We have the tools and capabilities to assist our clients in realizing their properties true potential.

Permitting and Consulting – Our clients rely on us to shape each project and protect their assets.  Permitting is a complicated task in New England, therefore it is important that we understand the rules and regulations that we are governed by.  Our clients rely on us to consult them on what is in their best interests. Sometimes that means saying “no, you can’t do that”  (…and yes we do say no to our clients “sometimes”).

Civil Engineering – A good design is what you need when you go into construction.  Details that work, utilities that have been coordinated and solid project management that help each job run smoothly.  HEI has the experience, skill set, and project management know how to help you run a successful project.