We value what our clients and industry colleagues have to say about us.  Many of our relationships are long standing which is a testament to how we conduct our business.  Below are some testimonials from some of those who we work closely with.

Jan M. Hughes
Property Manager, St. Joseph Hall

Although it is early into the projected repairs at St. Joseph Hall, I write with the fullest confidence and respect for Michael Fabbiano, President of Highpoint Engineering. My findings so far are that Mr. Fabbiano has a network of acquaintances or will find the right one for our needs with every aspect of the work. Additionally, the level of expertise provided by the engineering of Highpoint Engineering is held in the highest esteem.

Kara Brewton
Economic Development Director, Town of Brookline, MA

Michael is a detail-oriented manager who looks for solutions to save real estate developers money, even when the objective changes mid-stream. Michael is always on time with clearly written reports and graphics to make land development permitting just a little bit easier.

Joel Sunderland
Director of Construction, Saxon Partners

Michael has shown continued commitment and attention to details for all of our projects. It has been a pleasure working with Mike and has lead to successful projects.

Ron Muller
Principal, Ron Muller & Associates  

Mike is an honest and trustworthy engineer who always keeps his client’s best interest in mind while maintaining an excellent relationship with the local community. He is very organized and capable of successfully managing large-scale projects through coordination with multiple project consultants and building consensus with local and state agencies. Mike is also a great presenter before local boards and commissions, bringing credibility and building trust.

Valerie Massard, AICP
Town Planner, Town of Plymouth, MA

Michael oversaw the construction of the infrastructure at Colony Place in Plymouth, MA. He stays on top of complex projects with an attention to detail and maintains good working relationships.

Chris Lucas
Owner/Environmental Consultant, Lucas Environmental, LLC

I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Michael while at Cubellis. Michael’s attention to detail is outstanding, and an important skill needed for the work we do on a day to day basis. He is easygoing and patient and managed the team at Cubellis very efficiently. Even with deadlines looming, Michael maintained his professionalism and ensured the project was completed on-time and the product was of high quality. I look forward to working with Michael and Highpoint Engineering in the future.

Shaughn K.W. Thomas
Project Manager, Phase Zero Design Inc

Michael is an outstanding Project Manager and Engineer who works tirelessly to ensure his projects are a successful endeavor for his clients. Michael’s organizational and leadership skills are second-to-none and he has no qualms with making executive decisions. I would without hesitation hire Michael if I were in need of a Civil Engineer.

Stephen Dyer
Sole-Proprietor, Fieldstone Survey Services

There are a lot of recommendations floating around on these pages, and sometimes they seem too positive and glowing. I have often been asked for recommendations from staff for their professional growth and registrations and I tell them all the same thing – ‘I will be happy to write you a recommendation, just understand that I am going to tell the truth about how I feel regarding your skills and your moral character.’ Some get nervous by this, but Mike Fabbiano should not. Mike is far and away the best project manager I have worked with in over 35 years in the engineering/surveying business. In working with Mike on a project, I learned that I had a lot to learn myself. While I looked at a task from my own scope, Mike took into account all the various sub-contractors, the clients’ needs, the staffs’ abilities, and best engineering practices. Mike is one of the most organized and dedicated engineers that I know and I recommend him without the slightest hesitation. I look forward to working with Mike again sometime soon.

Meghan Welborn
Director of Sales & Marketing, VDA Productions

Mike never stops- He is a well-tuned machine working on preparing permit applications for the DEP and local Conservation Commissions, developing and implementing up-to-date storm water management systems, presenting at public hearings, preparing detailed zoning analyses, performing research for comprehensive feasibility studies, and so much more! He still manages to find the time to grow in his profession, achieving his certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), and be a mentor to the rest of the team in the Civil Engineering Practice Group. Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to federal levels, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies- and Mike has found success bringing his services to the rest of the teams at Cubellis, enhancing projects, and making clients more successful in the process.

Chris Jones
Executive Vice President, Carol R. Johnson Associates

I really enjoy working with Mike. He is a team player who understands the big picture, while still being a stickler for the details. He is a strong presenter and works extremely well in the public approvals process.

Lindsay Wilson
Partner, Morrissey, Wilson & Zafiropoulos, LLP

I worked closely with Mike Fabbiano and his partner, Doug Hartnett, in connection with the permitting of a large scale mix-use development. Mike and Doug were highly organized, detail-oriented professionals and were a pleasure to deal with on the project. In addition to being talented engineers, they truly appreciate what it means to be “client service” oriented.