1021 Kingston’s Place

Location: Kingston, MA
Client: Thorndike Development
Market Sector: Mixed-Use

1021 Kingston’s Place is a $250M redevelopment of a 100-acre gravel mining facility located adjacent to the Kingston Commuter Rail Station. Approved under the auspices of MGL Chapter 40R Smart Growth regulations, the project includes 735 residential units, 300,000 sf of retail/office, and 42 acres of open space converging to a central green/pond providing outdoor amenities for both residents and employees working within the development. The project required preliminary utility infrastructure assessments and related impacts for negotiations with municipal agencies. Among many of the mitigation commitments requiring Highpoint staff’s expertise included upgrades to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, relocation of overhead electric sub-transmission lines, reprogramming of the solid waste transfer station, long-term water demand assessment for future municipal well construction, and a stormwater management plan that provides 100% recharge on-site while enhancing groundwater aquifer levels to supplement base flows to Smelt Brook, a stressed tributary to the Jones River.

Upon approval of the Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District, we continued with design of the Phase 1 portion of the project. This included assisting with MEPA permitting in developing an Expanded ENF with Phase 1 waiver, preparation of site engineering plans for development of the first phase of the project, and municipal permitting review with the Planning Board and Conservation Commission for site and roadway infrastructure improvements.